The most likely reason for you to clear your cache; is to view new changes on a web page. Say an agency is updating your company’s new website; they tell you something has been changed, but it looks exactly the same! Sound familiar? There are probably two reasons: something has gone wrong, or you haven’t cleared your cache so your browser is remembering the old version.

Clearing your browser cache

Firstly, what is the browser cache? Your browser cache is information stored on your computer, containing assets from web pages you view in case they need to be used again. For instance, each page of our website contains our logo. Thanks to your browser cache, this only needs to be stored once instead of every time a page is visited.

Why? We live in a world where we want everything instantly. Loading pages are annoying and it’s inevitable that sometimes the internet will be slow. Browsers are built to work as quickly as possible, but the truth is that our computers are faster than the internet, so that’s why we have a cache on our computers.

So next time you find yourself Googling “how do I clear my cache?”, instead take a look at the cheat sheet below.


What about removing cookies?

Cookies! Unfortunately not those kind. Cookies are short lines of text stored on your browser to help websites remember things such as your site preferences, login details and items in your shopping basket. Clearing cookies resets this information.

Here’s a cheat sheet demonstrating how to clear cookies on Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer & Firefox.


Now you know all you need about clearing your cache and removing cookies!