Out now in the iTunes App Store is Colourless, an interactive storybook for children, with games, puzzles and an engrossing narrated story.

Working in conjuction with Hue Ink, Createful helped breathe life into the app via a process that had our top developers wrestling with fairies, dragons and magic satchels – not the usual development environment by any stretch of the imagination! The end result is a lush, involving digital experience that will keep young and old entertained with a mix of storytelling, games, puzzles and colouring – plus a few secrets along the way!

The Colourless App

We really enjoyed working on this app, it’s stretched and challeneged us (making faries hard to catch is not easy!), and we’re really happy with the end result. The feedback has been positive, and to make sure we put it through its paces, we enlisted the help of a few young testers before it went live, who all enjoyed exploring the world of Colourless, especially the card-turning game.

You can download the Colourless app now from the iTunes App Store.