Today, the Createful team are sad to say goodbye to Dwayne, our Rebecca Black loving, energy drink-chugging, superstar iOS developer.

Dwayne Slootmans

After enjoying the Bournemouth scene for eighteen months, Dwayne has decided to move back to his home country of Belgium. He takes his beautiful fiancée, Dora, with him on this exciting journey. Before the big move, they are doing what many of us dream of doing – travelling the world. First stop, New Zealand!

Since joining the Createful team in 2016, Dwayne quickly became an integral part of Createful life. Dwayne brought formidable development prowess to bear on several iOS projects during his time with us, and has also been known to dabble in some of our web work. His sense of humour, penchant for chicken katsu and tendency to burst into song at any moment will be greatly missed by the rest of the team.

We all wish you the very best, Dwayne! Enjoy your travels and please come back to visit us!