Saturday, February 15th 2014: The decals were up, whiteboards mounted, posters hung, and all the dots added to our Pacman tribute wall – we were all set to host to Bournemouth’s first hack event of 2014, HACKBMTH 6! From the Oculus Rift Flappy Bird game to iPhone controlled Nerf guns – HACKBMTH 6 had it all.

We were privileged to be chosen to host the event, which is a free independent entity devoted to fostering talent, friendship and community. HACKBMTH brings together creative talent from a range of industries, such as web and mobile design, games design and engineering,  in order to encourage learning and fun developing for all skills and we were impressed with the diversity of talent that joined us in the offices this weekend.

The whole Createful team was here to try out hack ideas we have been interested in over the last few weeks. Toby and Kriss teamed up to create an app using Estimote Beacons – a project that Kriss had backed on Kickstarter last year. Estimote Beacons are tiny low-power Bluetooth devices that can be placed around a room or area and provide the user with location based notifications or content as they walk around the space. Together, Toby and Kriss created an test app which showed images and comments about different areas of the office. It was a great opportunity to get to know these clever little beacons, which we’ll be making use of for projects in the future.

James, Jamie and myself worked on an Geotagging app, which allows users to pin a location on a map on their android phone or tablet, and then input data about what exists at that location. Jamie and James built the app, whilst I worked on an API that the app could use to communicate with a database. It was my first time creating an API from scratch and although we don’t have anything close to a finished product it was an invaluable learning experience, indulgently fueled by soda, beer and sweets kindly provided by the business.

Elsewhere around the office there were some incredible creative ideas being put into action. My personal favourite was Flapulous Rift – a flappy bird jam created by Andy Touch using his Oculus Rift virtual reality headset which he kindly provided to HACKBMTH for the day.

Also notable was a hack which combined our resident N-Strike Nerf gun with an Arduino and an iPhone into a motion detecting self firing sentry which was unfortunately pointed in my direction most of the day! I also enjoyed the Tamagotchi style cat game for the iPhone, where a lack of food or over-abundance of faeces would prove fatal to your feline friend, and HACKBMTH organiser Jon Ginn’s Leap Motion powered DJ app which lets you scratch through YouTube videos using your hand.

There was a great turnout on the day from some of the best creative minds in the area, more than I could mention. It was fantastic to have so many turn up for the day and make use of our new office space.

For more information and to see how you can get involved, visit the HACKBMTH website.