Having identified a need for a brand new role at Createful, we embarked on one of the most intensive and challenging recruitment processes in the history of our agency! The response received was phenomenal and the sheer quality of applicants demonstrated how attractive the prospect of a career with Createful has become.

Seeing the passion and excitement from the marketplace was a very proud moment for us. The culture that we had worked so hard to create, develop and maintain was now so well established that people were pulling out all of the stops to be part of it.

The difficulty we were faced with, was that this position had no predecessor. There was no obvious criteria for selection, and no person to benchmark against. After seeing a huge variety of talent, and hours of deliberation, we found a very special individual. He had experience, creativity, passion and overall he was Createful to his core.

We are delighted to introduce you to our new Client Services Director, Adrian Hopper:

Adrian Hopper

A self-confessed Irish rugby fanatic and newly based in Bournemouth after a decade living and working in the capital, Adrian has extensive experience in delivering innovative and impactful media campaigns in the digital out of home sector on behalf of brands such as O2, Microsoft, Marks and Spencer and Next.

He is now passionate about embarking on a career in digital media with Createful and is delighted to be joining a multi award winning digital agency which has built its reputation on the pillars of technical expertise and skilled creative execution.

Adrian views the needs of his clients as the very heart of the process and is excited by the knowledge and enthusiasm that his new colleagues have for consistently delivering beautifully crafted and technically intricate solutions that facilitate growth.

When relaxing, Adrian can be found either on the golf course or out walking with his wife and dog on one of the many beautiful beaches in the county. He has also been enjoying getting to know the wide and varied eateries that Bournemouth has to offer and is even attempting to recreate his youth having joined one of the local rugby clubs!

If you would like to learn more about our offering and the reasons why we’re expanding our team (or you just want a free coffee) please e-mail Adrian and he would be more than happy to meet up and discuss your requirements.