Testing ideas and validating design thinking with real users from all over the world is a complex logistical challenge. This is especially true when the user group is extremely time pressured and requires a large amount of facilitating to ensure they would be able to interact with the workshop in an intuitive way.

In December 2018, and as part of a large-scale research and data visualisation project, we facilitated a remote usability testing session on behalf of the global membership association for sustainability standards, ISEAL Alliance.

Working from our studio in Bournemouth, we tested our prototype of the Evidensia platform with 10 participants across 6 countries within a week. The participants were comprised of an international base from corporate and research backgrounds.

Usability testing

An example of a usability testing session in progress

We followed the test sessions by producing a report summarising the key insights and a suite of prioritised recommendations for implementing solutions to the core problems users encountered.

An example of quantitative usability testing insights from our report

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