As you know, at Createful we spend our days coming up with new, innovative ways to engage consumers and deliver our clients a competitive advantage through the use of mobile technology – that’s no easy task.

There are loads of different bits to get right. Everything from providing excellent customer service to producing amazing mobile user experiences. That said, we believe that all those things become a lot of easier if you have a great team, and provide a great place to work.

With that in mind we feel honored to be a finalist (1 of 2) for the Open 4 Business award for Best employer.

The awards evening is on 25th October – and we have our fingers, toes, legs, arms, eyes (basically everything) crossed!

We have always tried to provide a relaxed, friendly environment to really help the creative juice flow. Amazing ideas come from amazing people and at Createful we have some pretty amazing people – and we do everything we can to help them be, well…Createful!