Just last week on October 16th, the Denbies Wine Estate in Surrey saw the annual Wirehive 100 Digital Agency Awards, at which Createful picked up the awards for Best Mobile Project for our work on the Colourless children’s interactive bedtime storybook app.

Myself and Kriss arrived at the impressive-looking venue after driving through fields and fields of grape vines, which is quite an unusual sight this side of the English Channel! The Denbies Wine Estate proved to be an ideal location, as we were ushered through the visitor’s tour area from where you can see the wine making and bottling processes.

While sampling some of the local beverages, we waited in a cellar area and were entertained by “contact jugglers” (that thing David Bowie did in the Labyrinth movie with the glass balls!) and the obligatory balloon sculptors – one of which took a fancy to my head and decided it would look better with a three foot inflatable alien on it!


Not one to suffer embarrassment too strongly, we carried on with our heads held high through to the main dining room, which was yet again laid out spectacularly well. Createful had been nominated for three awards; Best Use of Mobile, Best Client Site and Fastest Growth. We didn’t really know what to expect, given that the competition was so strong, which is why it was such a surprise to hear our name called out when they announced the winner for Best Use of Mobile for our work on the Colourless children’s interactive storybook app!

We really couldn’t have been happier, and must thank and congratulateĀ Hue Ink and Rachel & Jack Constantine for the story and conceptual work and Matthew Vince for his amazing and “colourful” illustrations, which really set the app apart from the crowd, and making itĀ a really enjoyable project for us all to work on.

You can visit the Colourless website here, and get it from the App Store here.