Cake is a huge part of Createful culture and always will be. We have regular ‘Bake Off’ events and a treat table in the middle of our office. We will pretty much find any excuse to indulge in some cake. That being said, the treat table will be seeing a lot more fruit this year and absolutely no unhealthy sweet treats for the whole of January!

This is definitely going to be a challenge but I’m sure a lot of you will be joining us as part of your new year resolutions (after all that leftover Christmas chocolate has gone).

In a recent article, The Faculty of Dental Surgery raised some of the issues behind having sweet food in the office. We can definitely appreciate how hard it is to resist temptation when there’s a platter of beautiful sugary food staring at you all day every day. But the “workplace cake culture” is causing many health issues, like diabetes, obesity and tooth decay, and we want to do our bit to avoid this and keep the Createful team healthy!

The frightening statics show that 1 in 4 adults in the UK are obese and nearly 64,000 were diagnosed with tooth decay in 2016. Office work is known to be one of the most unhealthy professions, sitting down all day, looking at a screen isn’t what our bodies are designed to do. We always encourage our team to use the standing desk and take regular breaks from their desk, but cutting down cake is the next step to a healthier 2017 for us.

We love rewarding each other and baking for the office, but our aim is to do this in a more Createful way rather than a ‘cakeful’ way. We will carry on celebrating our success with team activities, and we will replace our treats with yummy fruit and healthy snacks instead, cutting down our cake consumption for the whole of 2017 not just January.

So farewell delicious cake, we will see you in a month but in moderation!