We heard on the grapevine that there was an inter-agency ‘Great British Bake Off’ style event coming up run by local baking genius Heather Brown, and seeing as our company name should probably be ‘Cakeful’, we set about devising a Createful cake creation to submit…

Initial Ideas

Our initial ideas for the bake off ranged from cake in a teacup, to beach themed ideas; both single cake creations as well as something that multiple team members could go away to create pieces for independently, and come together to assemble as part of a larger piece. These are some of our initial sketches:

Initial sketches for the Love Cake Agency Bake Off

Createful’s Afternoon Tea

The idea we settled on was to recreate our office culture in cake and biscuit form, in a ‘Createful Afternoon Tea’ – multiple levels of all things Createful encompassing our colouring wall, Lego bricks (often used in meetings), and including fun digital elements with emojis and lots of bright colours.

We created a ‘GBBO style’ illustration to show what our creation was going to look like, which would be displayed alongside our piece on an iPad at the bake off:

Createful's Afternoon Tea GBBO illustration

We covered a cake board with paper which could be coloured in to allow people at the bake off to interact with our entry.

Colouring in the cake board

The Bake Off

Up for grabs were three awards, surrounded by various Heather Brown bakes including the chocolate covered cookie dough (my personal favourite), brownies and Victoria sponge.

Love Cake Agency Bake Off trophies

Our awesome Createful bake off team:

The Createful bake off team

Our final creation at the event – it came together wonderfully, with each of us bringing the different components together. The chocolate Lego bricks had to be kept in the fridge until the very last moment in case they melted!

Createful's afternoon tea

We didn’t win an award unfortunately, but we had such a good time working together to create something a little bit different, and we felt that our creation really reflected our office and culture. Our colour-in cake board was a great hit!

Createful's afternoon tea

The standard of the other entries was very high, and there were some very tasty cakes there indeed! It was a fantastic event and we had a wonderful time.

Love Cake Agency Bake Off Entries