I was quite excited when I discovered that the “G-Cloud is an interstellar cloud containing the stars Alpha Centauri (a triple star system that includes Proxima Centauri) and Altair”. Then I realised I was on the wrong Wikipedia page.

Upon locating the correct page, I’m now actually more excited to announce that Createful has successfully been awarded G-Cloud 9 supplier status for the public sector framework!

Using real words, this means that public sector bodies and organisations can use our creative design and development services for web and mobile without needing to run a fully-fledged (and often lengthy and complicated) tender procurement process. It also places us on the “Digital Marketplace” – a central list of suppliers that has been updated with new search and filtering tools. In a previous article on the Digital Marketplace Blog, it was explained that “Buyers told us that it’s difficult to find what they’re looking for on G-Cloud. We’re expanding our list of categories to establish a common language between buyers and suppliers.” This is great news, as the updated search features help buyers find and shortlist relevant suppliers.

We have five separate services listed on the Digital Marketplace website:

These aren’t the only services we provide, but we felt it was important to focus on these as they form a core part of what we do. Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss any project requirements.