Toby and I made a bit of a departure from our normal working afternoon and popped down to Pavilion Dance in Bournemouth to chat with some dancers about office life; little did we know what we were letting ourselves in for…

I wasn’t sure what to expect! Dance is something so different to what we do in our day to day life of designing and coding whilst sitting at a desk all day, and it was very interesting to get a glimpse into a world so different to our industry.

We met up with Tim Casson, a dance choreographer who runs Casson & Friends, a company which focuses on contemporary dance collaboration. He also created online dance project A Dance WE Made. Tim ran us through what would be happening; they were preparing for a show called Selling Secrets: Office, which will be at the Purple HR offices from 5th to 8th August 2015. They were aiming to speak to around 15 people about their office working life, and interpret their stories through the medium of dance.

We were each assigned a dancer, who proceeded to ask us questions about our job and what a typical day was like, and immediately they started to put dance moves to our descriptions. It was bizarre and also really entertaining!

Michelle’s working day in the form of dance:

Toby’s working day in the form of dance:

Tickets are only £6 each, and can be purchased from the Pavilion Dance website – I have mine and will be keeping an eye out to see if any of my contributions are in there!