Recently I purchased an iPhone 4S, and the talk of my purchase sparked a debate in the office. With the main niche feature of the 4S over the iPhone 4 being the speech recognition software and personal assistant (Siri), it was clear that the questions “Is Siri worth upgrading?” and “Does it actually work?” would be thrown around.

An improved camera and download speed are good upgrades from the iPhone 4, but Siri, it seems, is the real deal, and the main selling point for Apple’s latest upgrade for the iPhone family. From videos and screenshots I have seen, it seems completely worth it. I’m not sure how often I will start asking my phone questions in the street, but in certain situations, I can imagine it to be quite brilliant. Apple’s demo video of Siri shows off some really good examples of how Siri would work in the real world. Using Siri to message somebody whilst driving seems to be a point that Apple are pushing, along with other examples like helping blind people to text by reading out new messages.

As much as Siri is brilliant with adding events to your calendar and searching the web, it also has hundreds of ‘Easter Eggs’ programmed into it.

For example, ask Siri for place to hide a body, and it’ll pop up with this answer:


Ask Siri what the meaning of life is, and it’ll answer “42”; ask Siri “Who’s your daddy?” and it will reply “You are. Now can we get back to work?”, you can even propose to Siri and it will let you down gently, by replying with “We need to spend more time together” or “My End User Licensing Agreement does not cover marriages. Sorry”. This kind of attitude is something that makes Siri absolutely delightful and in a way, makes your phone more like your friend.

As much as you can entertain yourself by proposing to your phone, Siri is a huge leap forward for the development of the link between man and iPhone. This is, of course, Apple’s first real crack at implementing mobile voice recognition software into a fully functional iOS, and it is the first step into making the iPhone adapt to its user, rather than the other way around. Adjusting the way we hold a phone, text on a phone and even touch the screen of our phones has been something that we have all had to do whenever we change or upgrade a phone. But now, the phone is learning to adapt to us, well the iPhone 4S is at least.

So in answer to the question on everyone’s lips, “Is Siri worth it?”, I would say a resounding yes. I’m already reading iPhone 6 blogs in excitement to see how this brilliant technology can be utilised in the future. Who knows, maybe someday I can say, “Siri, write this blog for me, I want to play FIFA” and Siri will not only write my blog, but offer to thrash me at FIFA as well. Because it probably would…