Our Director Kriss recently had his stag do in Budapest. Before he went, he had the idea of creating a small, simple iPhone app that he and his friends could use for tips and useful information while they were abroad. The app wasn’t developed to be released on the App Store, it was just for the people going on the stag do to be used as a companion app. We included a few handy features, such as…

  • A list of the people attending, including a button to call each person
  • A detailed itinerary of each day’s schedule
  • A currency converter
  • A selection of useful Hungarian phrases, including the ability to play sound clips of each phrase
  • A detailed map of the area surrounding the hotel, and a metro map
  • An area with basic information such as important phone numbers, hotel information, facts and figures and places to avoid

The currency converter and phrases screens

The app was a great success on the stag do, and it’s usefulness was appreciated by everybody on the trip.

We’re considering developing the app further so that it would be fully customisable for everyone to use and then release it in the App Store. Would you be interested in such an app? If so we’d love to know your thoughts on it.